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Brankov bridge

Captivate Belgrade on the move: Secure the Brankov Most Megaboard

Dominate the bustling gateway to Belgrade's heart with the iconic Brankov Bridge megaboard. Soaring above Brankov bridge, this prime location places your brand in the direct line of sight of commuters, tourists, and pedestrians.

Unmatched Visibility & Strategic Influence:

  • Gateway to the City Center: Greet visitors arriving from New Belgrade as they enter the heart of the city, heading towards Terazije and Knez Mihailova Street.
  • High-Traffic corridor: Capture the attention of a continuous flow of traffic on the main artery leading into central Belgrade.
  • Picturesque riverfront setting: Neighbour the vibrant Belgrade Waterfront district, adding a touch of luxury to your brand image.
  • Proximity to Knez Mihailova: Reach a wider audience within walking distance of the famed pedestrian zone.

The Brankov Bridge megaboard is more than just a billboard; it's a dynamic statement.





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