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Be the Heartbeat of Belgrade: Conquer Brankova, the City's Grand Entrance

Unleash your brand's power on Brankova, the largest-than-life advertising experience after you cross the iconic Brankov Bridge.This prime location isn't just a billboard; it's a triumphal arch declaring your arrival in the heart of Belgrade.

Unrivaled Brand Dominance:

  • Command Attention: Towering over incoming traffic, Brankova ensures your brand is the first and last thing visitors see as they enter Belgrade's vibrant core.
  • Landmark Location: Neighbour the prestigious Treasury of the Republic of Serbia, solidifying your association with stability and authority.
  • Gateway to the City: Greet visitors from all over the world, making a lasting first impression as they embark on their Belgrade adventure.
  • Massive Visibility: Brankova's sheer size guarantees maximum exposure, day or night, making your brand impossible to miss.

Brankova is more than advertising; it's a statement.





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