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Cara Dusana

Rise above the ordinary and capture the heart of Zemun with the prominent Cara Dušana megaboard.Towering near the Luk Oil gas station, this strategic location places your brand at a bustling crossroads, directly in the sights of residents and visitors alike.

Unparalleled Visibility & Local Connection:

  • High-Traffic Hub: Engage a diverse audience traversing the busy intersection, maximizing exposure for your brand.
  • Landmark Location: Neighbour the esteemed Madlenianum Theatre, solidifying your association with culture and entertainment.
  • Gateway to the Old Core: Greet visitors exploring Zemun's historic center, ensuring your brand becomes part of their exploration.
  • Proximity to Everyday Needs: Reach local residents with their daily routines taking them past the Luk Oil gas station.

The Cara Dušana Megabord is more than advertising; it's a local connection.





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