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Pancevacki bridge

Dominate the Belgrade Skyline: Pančevo Bridge Megabord Awaits

Unleash the power of iconic visibility with our monumental Megabord on the way toward Pančevo Bridge.This massive advertising space stretches across the entire building, transforming your brand into a landmark.

Unparalleled Brand Dominance:

  • Become a Belgrade Landmark: Your brand will be impossible to miss, stretching majestically across the entire building façade.
  • Capture Every Arrival & Departure: Greet and farewell visitors from all directions, solidifying your brand as the gateway to Belgrade.
  • Unforgettable Day & Night Presence: Dazzle with high-impact visuals that illuminate the night sky and command attention 24/7.

Elevate your brand to legendary status.




Yes, green location, lighting with solar panels that power the spotlights

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