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King Alexander the uniter square

Megabord Trg Kralja Aleksandra Ujedinitelja is one of the most frequented locations in Niš. It is located in the street of the same name.

Trg Kralja Aleksandra Ujedinitelja is a city square in Niš, in the city municipality of Medijana, in the part of the city known as Trg Kralja Aleksandra. The very heart of the square is a landscaped green area with footpaths, benches, children's play equipment, etc. There are also green areas across the street, around the central one, where there is a large city fountain and a memorial bust.

The square, outside the area of the central green area, also has the purpose of a roundabout (for a long time the only one in Niš) where there are several bus stops for several city bus lines.

Around the roundabout, there are also civil and military facilities and institutions. From the civilian side, there are the Faculty of Economics and Law, the Fountain of Queen Natalija, the ZUNS Bookstore, the Alexandria Building, etc. From the military side, the Land Army Command and the First Instance Military Disciplinary Court are located.





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