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Vojvode Stepe

Be the Star of Vojvode Stepe: Premium Megabord Awaits

Shine bright on Vojvode Stepe with our impactful Megabord. This prime location sits directly on the bustling Vojvode Stepe street, just 5 meters from the popular Voždovac Cinema.

Capture a Captive Audience:

  • Financial Hub: Reach a high-income demographic near Credi Agricole, Intesa Sanpaolo, Poštanska štedionica, and UniCredit banks.
  • Educational Powerhouse: Gain exposure near the prestigious XII Beogradska Gimnazija.
  • Gateway to Major Districts: Target residents heading towards Stepa Stepanović, Banjica, Voždovac, and surrounding areas.
  • Entertainment Hotspot: Attract moviegoers and those enjoying the vibrant Voždovac scene.

This premium location guarantees maximum impact for your brand.





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